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Data is exchanged within the organization as well as with external parties almost on a daily basis across different business processes. While there are some standards like EDI that have been set up for data exchange between different companies, it is quite expensive to use and is not prevalent. Significant volumes of data continue to be exchanged through spreadsheets, text files, pdf documents, etc. over emails, web portals and similar modes. There is significant amount of manual work involved in preparing this data to be ready to be loaded into the internal systems. For instance, when channel partners report their sales and stock data as part of an OEM's Channel Data Management solution implemented by them, there is significant amount of rework done by the manufacturer's internal teams and/or partners to fix data issues before it can make its way to the Oracle, SAP or SalesForce systems. This makes the entire data based decision making process ineffective with questionable quality and of course, expensive.

Global Data exchange



With Bydek's Data Transformation solution through Reba, these challenges are a thing of the past. Complicated workflows, poorly structured data files and variety of formats of files used for transmitting data can he configured easily for the data to be loaded straightaway from the time of receipt without any manual interventions. What makes Reba unique is its ability to be configured to handle a long list of data transformation needs without having to spend time and effort on writing new code.


Bydek Channel Data Management

Our goal at Bydek has always been to promote innovation by deploying progressively intelligent technologies. We provide top-notch solutions and services to our clients who would like to boost their data operations through the use of our distinctive SaaS platform.

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